March 1, 2013

St. Patty's Day Snack Mix

I found the perfect St. Patty's Day snack for Landry! This lucky charms snacks mix looks delish!
Lucky Charms Snack Mix

What you need:
Lucky Charms
Green M&M's
White Melting Chocolate
Green Sugar Sprinkles (optional)

How to:

Take your Lucky Charms (about 6 cups)
and separate out the Marshies!

Take the cereal WITHOUT marshies add pretzels, peanuts and well..whatever you want, then spread it out on a rimmed baking sheet or pour into bowl to get ready to mix with the chocolate.
Melt some white chocolate and pour over and mix well. 
I ended up using about 2 bags of the wilton white 
chocolate melts in the Colorburst pastel. 

Next add the magically delicious MARSHIES
and some GREEN M&M's. I  had some green sugar
sprinkles and tiny shamrock sprinkles that I added
to be really GAUDY FESTIVE! Oh yaaaaaaaaa.

We've been busy busy over here! We just started gymnastics!
Clay and I also just got back from Napa, specially Yountville. That little town is heaven on earth!

We ate at the French Laundry which is literally the best food I've EVER eaten. We went to Mumm, Del Dotto, Cake Bread, Silver Oak, Domaine Chandon and Opus One. They were all wonderful. I had a lot of fun on this trip... a little too much fun... back to the treadmill so my jeans can button again!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ashley,

My name is Claire Schmidt and I am the Lifestyles Intern for, an NBC Universal digital property. My editor and I are currently compiling a slideshow of Easter tables and decor. We loved the Easter party (with hanging paper flowers) that you featured on your blog ( and would love to include this in our roundup.

Could you please provide us permission (just a quick “yes” through email will suffice) and a high-resolution photo of the party (preferably the first image under April 22, 2011? We will of course link back to your blog and give you full credit for the image and idea. Please let me know!

Thank you!

AdventuresinMomTown said...

I LOVED Del Dotto! And French Laundry was ridiculous!! We actually got a tour of the kitchen and talked to the chef in NY. How crazy is that??!! My boyfriend at the time thought the ipad Wine list was over the top. What an ingenious use of technology. ;) Yountville is one of my fav places. Have you been to Frog's Leap or Round Pond? Both organic and fun.

Ashley said...

Adventures in Mom Town- You are so lucky you got to go in the kitchen! We dined early so we didn't want to bother them while they were in the swing of things! I haven't been to Frog's Leap or Round Pond. I will put those on my list for next time! My favorites were Silver Oak and Opus One!