October 12, 2011

Pumpkin Rice Crispie Treats

These pumpkin shaped treats would be great for all ages, who doesn't love a good rice crispie treat? 

1 Stick Butter
2 (10 oz). Packages Marshmallows
12 C. Rice Crispy Cereal
1 tsp. Yellow Food Color
1/4 tsp. Red Food Color
Green Decorating Icing in Tube
Black Decorating Icing in Tube
Decorating Tips
Tootsie Rolls

In a pot on low heat melt the butter then stir the marshmallows in until they have dissolved.
Next, add the food coloring into the mixture and stir until the mixture is a uniform orange color.
Add Rice Crispy cereal to the mix and stir them until they are completely coated in our marshmallow, food coloring mix.
Shape the mixture into into balls either your hands or a spoon.

Place the balls in the refrigerator and leave there until is has become completely chilled and is form.
Once firm,  using the black and green icing, decorate your pumpkins with leaves and add a tootsie roll as your stem.

Happy Wednesday!!
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Image: Sweet Valley


Rochelle Kennedy said...

This recipe looks fantastic! My mother-in-law gave me some pumpkin spice marshmallows the other day that she picked up during a recent trip to Kentucky. I haven't found them in my area, but perhaps there are some near you. I made rice crispie treats with them and they were fantastic.

Ashley said...

Pumpkin Spice Marshmellows!? That sounds amazing, I never knew such greatness existed. I will be on the lookout for them! I love pumpkin flavor!

Sarah D. said...

How long does this take? (prep time, etc)?

Ashley said...

If you go to the Kellogs website, they have the instructions, they say 15 minutes prep, 15 minutes to execute.

Meagan said...

We made these last week and they were precious! Thanks for the cute idea!

Ashley said...

Glad you liked them!

Jennifer said...

Hi! How many does this recipe make? I need to make at least 100 as I have 3 kids parties to send them into! thank you!

Ashley said...

Jennifer, I'm honestly not sure how much it makes! I'm sorry!

Anonymous said...

I can't get them into balls. It's so sticky they won't form?

Anonymous said...

It's easier to make the balls if you rub a little butter on your hands and let the mixture cool down. It was much easier the second time I made them after learning this little trick!

Anonymous said...

Well, thought I could try and shape them into apples for our village apple day. How wrong I was, they were absolutely impossible to shape, just a huge sticky mountain of goo!
I would love to know how you managed to make your pumpkins so perfect? Jenny

Anonymous said...

I just made these last night and had about 30 good size pumpkins. Happy I read the comments beforehand...the butter on hands while molding them helped ALOT!!

Anonymous said...

I use wax paper to shape it was so much easier and less messy.