September 1, 2011

An apple a day...

Kick off September 1st with one of these fun apple ideas.
Nothing says fall like a cool crisp apple. Ideal for an afternoon snack!
 Make an apple sandwich with peanut butter, chocolate chips and granola!
or how about some chocolate dipped apple slices... so much easier than eating a whole chocolate covered apple!
And this is the weirdest suggestion, but trust me, I've tried it and its really good... add a diced apple to  your grilled cheese sandwich. To get the recipe go here.
Happy Fall Y'all! Tonight I will be thoroughly enjoying myself watching the kick off of college football WHILE decorating for fall around the house. It doesn't get better then that!


♥Jodi said...

Have fun decorating tonight!!!!

Camo and Pearls said...

Yummm!! I love apples! Yay for fall!!!