July 26, 2011

Bohemian Chic Girl's Room

How gorgeous is this bohemian room? I love it! I'm especially swooning over the bed crowns. I'm swamped at work, I only have 10 weeks left here, and I'm feeling the pressure to get everything done. So sorry for the lack of posts,
but thought I'd leave you with some eye candy!

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flooring perth said...

The wooden flooring and the seemingly-Victorian bed would make the girls feel like princesses.

Anne said...

This bohemian looks fantastic. I like the idea of choosing those colors. They complement with each other very well. I also love the flooring design. This is a good inspiration for people who would want to experience bohemian living. perth home renovations

bedroom furniture said...

This Bohemian Room is indeed a perfect room for a girl who wants to be in another world. The idea of putting those ornaments made the entire room very elegant and exquisite.

concrete perth said...

My cousins were talking about the Bohemian themed room. I let them see this idea, and they loved it. They are planning to remodel and redesign their rooms pretty soon.

Albert Miller said...
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Upholstery said...

Lovely picks. Most of them are my favorite.Moreover some are even the new ones