May 16, 2011

Over the Rainbow Party

I have a new passion, Pinterest. Have you guys checked it out yet? Its essentially a massive search engine for beautiful pictures. You can pin them to your different "boards", and its a great way to gather inspiration!
This board is for an Over the Rainbow party.
There are so many fun ideas out there!
How delicious does this rainbow cake in a jar look?
 You could do mini jars for kid's portions. I love the way you can see all that color!
Here is how to make the rainbow cakes in a jar.
I'm in love with these balloons! What a great photo opportunity! 
These would be great over a food table! 
I've never thought to just tie blown up balloons on a string. How simple and inexpensive! Do multiple layers of string and create your own rainbow effect!
This use of crepe paper is so dramatic. Love it!
Happy Monday!

All the pictures are from Pinterest.  


Camo and Pearls said...

You have me completely addicted to pinterest now. Thanks alot! :)

♥Jodi said...