April 28, 2011

Italian Centerpiece Ideas

Tomorrow we leave for Boston! Wheeeaaa!
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This picture has nothing to do with my trip, but it makes me happy!
My mom has asked me to help her do an Italian dinner tablescape for a teacher appreciation dinner she is helping to throw. Their budget is not a large one, so MOM here are some pictures I stumbled across that could be helpful!

I have alot of wine bottles I've saved over the years to use as decorations for that party I've never had, so I offered those to my mom. These arrangements look nice with the multi height items. Multiple bottles holding flowers and taper candles could be nice.

 I like how Martha used the food as the centerpiece. The breadsticks are cute in their vases, and the guests would enjoy a little appetizer to hold them over. Maybe a combination of the checker tablecloth, wine bottle holding flowers, with some breadstick in vases, and votive candles.


Anonymous said...

this was vary helpfull

million dollar makeover said...

Using Italian centerpieces makes any table look lovelier in any occasion. It is just worth it to have those things around for decorating.

Ashley said...

I agree :)

Cathy Walker for Italian Home Design said...

Well they're all lovely! Always. When we talk about Italian centerpieces there's no site that offers the best other than