April 13, 2011

Easter for Kids

If you're having a kids only table for Easter, have a little fun with it. Cover the table in butcher paper so the little ones can draw. I love the purple and greens of this table.
For an Easter appetizer serve up kid friendly veggies and dip in a little flower pot. Take it one step further and personalize the pot with each child's name.
You can also line the table with these little snacks in a pail. For an Easter party line up cheerios, raisens, candies and pretzels for a do it yourself trail mix buffet.
For dessert? How about these lollipop flower cupcakes? Too cute!
Martha will give you all the details here.
Lollipop Cupcakes

images: Good Housekeeping, Disney Family Fun, Southern Living, Martha Stewart


♥Jodi said...

Your so fun!! When your little one gets here we can have tons of fun at holidays with the kiddos:)

TheHighHeeledHostess said...

For sure! Parker can teach my kid how to be super cool! haha.

Ashley said...

Where did you find your small clay pots without holes in the bottom for dip?