July 30, 2010

Fabric Wreath

I posted a picture of a wreath a while back that is made from strips of fabric. It was so adorable, and I knew I needed one for the upcoming baby shower I'm helping to host. So yesterday I set out on my misson.

Here is what you need:

4 different types of fabric at 1/2 yd a piece
 a roll of ribbon
a straw wreath ( i did 18")
something to hang from the middle
(I know I show 5 fabrics, but I only used 4..)

OK, so cut the fabric in 2" strips by 18", which is the width of your 1/2 yard piece. Once you cut up the fabric simply tie them around the wreath by knotting them, repeat a few hundred times and
hang your letter from the center with ribbon

I've seen these done up for christmas and halloween. The total project cost around $15.00..

wreath $3.50
letter $1.99
fabric $8.00 (walmart had a yard for $1.50 sale)
ribbon $2.00

*Oooh and P.S. Midland people, there is this fabric store called Easie's in between Industrial and Front Street that has the BEST designer fabrics for insane prices. Let me know if you want the address.. lots of cute kiddie fabric, outdoor fabric, upholstry fabric.. I freaked when I went in there the first time!

July 29, 2010

Country Meets the City Wedding Shower

Today's post is a trip down memory lane! Some dear friends are throwing a wedding event of their own soon. She asked me for pictures of the shower she threw for me almost 3 years ago! (time flies)!  
 Here are some pictures from my too cute couples shower. Me being from Dallas, and my husband being from Midland, the hostesses decided to play on our differences. Country mixed with City! Here is some eye candy.

The entrance. Notice the cowboy boots with the red heels and pearls. Clay really wanted to keep the boots! Haha.

A close up of the picture they blew up of us, for all the guests to sign. We still have this picture hanging in our office, and I love to read what everyone wrote. 

My sis, mom, Brenda (the hostess with the mostess) and me!

Some of the girls

The bar area. They got monogrammed napkins and cups, which I still have some left overs! I don't want to waste them. Notice the red and orange. 
OU/ UT~ yes we're mortal enemies in the fall.

I wish I had more pictures on my computer right now, I have more in a photo album that were given to me. The food was delish, they served chicken fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans and all the trimmings.

It was a display shower, and I had problems leaving that area. Everything was just so exciting!

Here are additional photos to play off a barbecue theme. We used these candles at a Junior League event, and they really turned out magical.

How cute are these glasses? With homemade tea and lemonade.. yum yum!

simple and beautiful

I just think this moss covered letter is magnificent. You achieve this look by cutting out your letter from foam core, and then gluing moss from your local craft store. Attach a ribbon and you have a beautiful piece to hang!

July 22, 2010

Cute Kid's Headboard

I just thought this headboard was too cute to not talk about. I came across it in my Better Homes and Gardens Magazine. You can download the template free from their website, and paint it onto mdf, and voila you have a very expensive, custom looking headboard. It would be really cute with a monogram on it too.

Sorry I've been MIA, I've been studying really hard for my upcoming NCIDQ test which will make me a certified interior designer. My test is in 2 months, but on top of that I'm going to



 and London

and then a last minute trip to Vegas,

I'm so weak I can never say no to a trip. I know, I know, you're feeling really sorry for me right now. But I can be a little stressed right? So if you don't hear from me for a while..... you know why.

July 16, 2010

Baby Wreath Bling!

This wreath is so sweet. Its just tissue squares pushed into a Styrofoam wreath. How chic and easy. I'm making this one for a baby shower I'm throwing, but I'm doing it in blue and hanging his initial down the center. I'll post pictures when I'm done with it!

This wreath is sure to dress up any door!
Just tie ribbon around a wreath, and repeat.

Have a great weekend!
~ Ashley

July 13, 2010

A Cupcake Surprise

My mom surprised me today with a gift. I totally relate to Charlotte from Sex and the City so when they saw this, they knew I had to have it!

This is pre- pink frosting hands on the white vintage Valentino skirt! haha!

They got it from PaperSource in Dallas (you can also order them online). I'm going to a cupcake birthday party this weekend. Is it ok to wear??

July 12, 2010

Design Obsession

We laid new tile in our master bathroom this weekend. I can't believed we lived with carpet for 2 years in there! The people who lived in our house before us were elderly and I guess its insurance against a broken hip, but I couldn't stop thinking about what was probably growing under the carpet. Gross....

Unfortunately, this has sparked a full on house re-design obsession. I can't stop looking at pictures of other people's rooms and wanting to update my looks. Keep in mind we moved in our house 2-1/2 years ago, so my husband can't possibly understand why I'm ALREADY wanting to change things...

Here are some pics I've been drooling over.

I love the hanging candle holders.

Better Homes & Gardens

I heart Lucite furniture.

Candice Olson is my hero.

I'm painting my bathroom close to this color, we have a lot of light tile and cabintry, so I hope to make it pop!

fun fun...

I keep telling myself, Rome wasn't built in day.... a house is a work in progress, BUT I WANT IT DONE PERFECTLY NOW! Obviously from my pictures I like a lot of different things.

July 9, 2010

An Abilene Remodel

Sorry for the no bloggin in a while. I've been pretty busy with work, but i cam across this little jewel this morning and had to share it!
This is a post from Cote de Texas blog which is absolutely amazing. You should check out her blog if you haven't before.These pictures inspired me so much because my in laws are finishing out an old rock house that is on one of their ranches. Enjoy~

Abi-who???? You probably are only familiar with the small Texas town of Abilene through songs – Sheryl Crow wrote one about Abilene. Buck Owens, Brooks and Dunne, and Trisha Yearwood all sang songs about the town. Johnny Cash, George Strait and even Bob Dylan also sang about Abilene – in fact a total of 33 songs mention this small town for some reason. I can’t honestly say if I’ve ever been to Abilene – it’s smack in the middle of nowhere, somewhere between Ft. Worth and Ft. Stockton with a population of 115,000. Think of the movie Giant with James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor to imagine the terrain. I think I probably once passed through Abilene when I drove from Austin to Lubbock to visit a college boyfriend. That was one very long drive. If you ever do find yourself in Abilene looking for a charming place to stay – consider the Sayles Ranch Guesthouses – which is an enclave of B&Bs located in the Sayles Historic District.

Recently the owner of the Sayles Ranch Guesthouses, Terry Browder, contacted me about the newest addition to their accommodations – The Cotton Eye Joe. Terry completely remodeled this guest house and thought that Cote de Texas readers would enjoy seeing it. I agree! I hope you like it as much as I do and find lots of inspiration to use for your own projects.

BEFORE: I think the owner Terry Browder did a great job remodeling this typical small, older house from the 1930s. The house is only about 1600 sq ft. but with the changes in the raised ceilings and removed walls, the house seems larger now. Above is how Terry found the living room - carpeted, with a low ceiling and faux fireplace. The first thing he did was expose all the hardwoods hiding underneath yards of moldy carpet. Next Terry painted the floors in different patterns. All the sheetrock also came down. This room had its ceiling raised to the rafters – and the effect this change made is phenomenal. The living room looks entirely different now, larger and more architecturally interesting.

AFTER: The exact same view! Here is the main living area today with its painted wood floors and raised ceiling covered in beadboard. Hard to believe it’s the same space! The dining room is off to the right – the wall between the two rooms was removed. I love that root table with the oversized urn on top of it. Large accessories look so much more “today” than collections of smalls. And I love the map over the fireplace. Notice the great lantern – Terry says it is an antique from Belgium that he found in a West Texas store!!!

The sheet rock was removed from the walls exposing the original shiplap wood walls which were they sanded and painted. I think they look beautiful! The map of Texas is hanging on a garage door rail which hides the flat screen TV. I love the cowhide rug and the tufted leather couches. The house has a western atmosphere for sure – but it’s a very sophisticated western theme. Notice how Terry put old books in the faux fireplace for added texture and interest. The windows are covered in wide wood shutters.

BEFORE: The living room from the other side of the room.

AFTER: The same view as above. Notice how the diagonal pattern painted on the wood floor visually enlarges the space. I really like that old Prison Rodeo sign. It is hard to believe, but the Texas Prison System really used to put on rodeos and as little kids, we would go to the Prison Rodeos at the old Houston Coliseum. I doubt that today the prisons still let the inmates participate in rodeos outside the prison walls.

The front bedroom – all three bedrooms have walls papered in old Texas deed documents dated from 1890. Terry was lucky to find a cache of these documents which have a wonderful patina. The deeds were written with india ink in archaic script. Amazing! Terry updated an old log bed by painting it glossy white.

BEFORE: The dining room – exposing the hardwoods underneath the carpet. This was taken before the sheetrock was removed. It looks so much better with the shiplap wood walls than with the sheetrock

AFTER: In the dining room, the Victorian furniture is upholstered in an old 1870s quilt bought at a nearby garage sale. Inside the chairs are upholstered in burlap and monogrammed with the Sayles Ranch Guesthouses initials. The quilt upholstery is a great idea to copy.

Another view of the dining room – again, the heavy dark wood furniture was painted white to lighten up the decor. Notice the table made of a painted white pedestal and oval glass top

BEFORE: Past the dining room is the very plain kitchen, then the breakfast room.

AFTER: the kitchen was totally remodeled. Notice the floor was painted in the traditional quilt pattern called Tumbling Blocks. What a great idea!

The cupboard on the left is an old English piece found at a garage sale and the backsplash is a 150 year old prayer rail from an English church. By the stove, notice the wall is made out of broken white china. The hood is made of old tin ceiling tiles.

AFTER: In the small breakfast room, Terry lined the walls with the backs of old books. The insides of the books went on the shelves and in the fireplace in the living room. Ingenious.

In this bedroom, Terry painted the floors in the traditional quilt pattern Pinwheel.

In the master bedroom, an old hooked rug was used to slipcover the iron rails on the canopy bed. Again, wood furniture was painted white, and the floor was painted in another diagonal pattern.

BEFORE: The bathroom was black and white and pink.

AFTER: On the walls, Terry used old tin ceiling tiles that came from an 100 year old grocery store in the little town in Oklahoma where he grew up. I love how the glass sink tends to disappear.

If you ever find yourself in Abilene, Texas and in need of a charming place to stay, be sure to call Terry Browder of the Sayles Ranch Guesthouses at 325-669-6856. Ask to stay in the Cotton Eye Joe, although all the guesthouses are just as cute as this one. To visit their web site, go HERE.

AND, if you have any questions about how Terry did any of the remodeling – email him at

A special thank you to Terry for sharing the Cotton Eye Joe with us!!