December 29, 2010

Ring in the New Years in style!

Here are some tips for your New Year's Celebrations!

Set the Mood

One candle is nice; a cluster is even better. For a soft glow, use pinking shears to cut strips of paper long enough to fit around the outside of thick glass votive, then attach the paper with double-sided tape. Choose shades of the same color for a sophisticated, minimalist look. Line the candles down the center of the table as a runner.

Votives with decorative blue paper

Line your trays with some metallic wrapping paper to add some sparkle.

I would be in heaven if I had these plates! Look how cute!

Ralph Lauren

Set your bar right!

Champagne bar anyone?
Yes please!

Real Simple

Southern Living

Dust the rims of your glasses with sugar!
Brides UK

Number your glasses! This goes with the count down theme as well as helps
your guests keep track of their glass.
Martha Stewart

Feed Your Fancy

New Year's is only once a year! Treat your guest to something special!

Southern Living

For the main course how about a Shrimp and Crab Boil? So easy and fun! This is what we are doing this year, I plan on spreading out newspaper on the dining room table and having a messy feast. Everyone is pitching in ten bucks. I love eating crab and shrimp because it is so social, it takes a while to get to the good stuff, so you know a
hearty conversation is sure to occur!

Get Your Game On!
Real Simple has a little game to get the party rolling, or this could be more fun once the party is in full swing. Have guests fill out these cards anonymously and have everyone try to guess who wrote it. This would also be fun with kiddos to get them thinking of their New Years Resolutions!

New Year Playing Cards
Go here to print the cards!

Start a Tradition!

It is a Mexican tradition to spear 12 grapes and serve them with their champagne. You are supposed to make a wish on each grape for the year to come. The number 12 represents a wish for every month. I love this idea and I love grapes with champagne. Win win!

Let the count down begin!

Happy New Years! (almost)



Design Goddess said...

Funny you mentioned this because my brother & sis n law usually have a seafood feast on new years. However I dont believe they will this year since she gave birth to my niece on Monday :-) so I may have to get some crablegs for myself.

TheHighHeeledHostess said...

You better go buy some crablegs!! Congrats on the neice!

Val said...

Gorgeous images. Thank you for the inspiration!! = )