July 16, 2010

Baby Wreath Bling!

This wreath is so sweet. Its just tissue squares pushed into a Styrofoam wreath. How chic and easy. I'm making this one for a baby shower I'm throwing, but I'm doing it in blue and hanging his initial down the center. I'll post pictures when I'm done with it!

This wreath is sure to dress up any door!
Just tie ribbon around a wreath, and repeat.

Have a great weekend!
~ Ashley


Cathy said...

What kind of wreath are you using for the beautiful ribbon Emma Kate wreath? It's so beautiful and colorful.

Ashley said...

This is a wreath that is for sale on Etsy. If I were making it, I'd use the wire wreath forms. You can fit on more fabric and make it look fuller than a standard straw wreath. Good luck crafting!!